7 Quick fixes for window condensation in winter

Condensation on windows is the sweating of the windows on the inside. This is due to the differences in the temperature from the outside of your home vs the inside of your home.

This problem is most common during the winter season when the temperature drops, and you start to use your heating system to stay warm. The frames and the sills also become wet when this occurs.

It also happens to newer homes which are not insulated properly. This window condensation can be very irritating and can even lead to mold. Which can cause even more damage to your home. There are two types of window condensation, internal and external.

Interior window condensation

This condensation is mainly caused by excessive moisture inside the house. The evaporated moisture near the window will interact with the cold window and condense. This is due to how hot and cold air flow.

The cold air will flow to occupy the space of the hot air and the hot air will get heavier and sink towards the cold air. When this happens water forms on the inside of the window.

Exterior window condensation

This is condensation that occurs when the outside of the window is colder than the inside and there is enough excess moisture near the window to condense. This occurs between window panes when the seal between them is broken or when the desiccant between them is saturated.



5 ways to manage interior condensation

The following methods can be applied to fix the situation:

Turning down the humidifier

If using a humidifier in any part or room in the home, which releases moisture into the air. Turning it off reduces the moisture that is being released thus reducing condensation.

Moisture eliminator

When there is excess moisture in some parts of the house, it is recommended to buy a moisture eliminating product like DampRid. This moisture eliminators comes in buckets and can be placed on the floor. They can be put in any room to remove the excess moisture.

Kitchen and Bathroom fans

Cooking and showering release a lot of moisture into the air, which if left unattended can lead to condensation. This moisture doesn’t leave the house easily which is why you have kitchen and bathroom fans. Run the fans for about 15 to 20 minutes after cooking and showering to manage excess moisture.

Air to Air exchange

This is where the exchanger brings fresh air from the outside to the inside and takes the moist air from the inside to the outside. This machine removes all the moisture and other pollutants from the house. It is a rather expensive approach.

Window insulation kits

These kits are installed on the inside of the window. They reduce the interior condensation of the house.

2 ways to manage exterior condensation

The following can be applied to eliminate this menace:

Rain X

By applying this on the exterior window glasses, condensation can be reduced. The water is made to gather together and runs off the windows without sticking. This removes the moisture hence reducing or eliminating condensation.

Have patience

As the sun warms up (especially in the morning), condensation evaporates slowly and disappears off the windows. This calls for a little bit of patience to achieve this.

2 ways to manage condensation between window panes

To eliminate this condensation, the following methods can be used:

Cleaning the windows

When there is condensation in between window panes, you should try cleaning the window panes to remove the moisture or dew.

Replacing the window panes


When you have condensation between window panes, then you will might have to change the glass of the window. Sometimes you may be may need to change the whole window if it is impossible to change the glass.

You’ll find that it’s very easy to manage condensation in the winter, if you apply most of these suggestions properly. But if the problem becomes persistent, you might need to call for a window installer who understands condensation.

We understand that all of this can be a little overwhelming and scary at times and that’s why we’re here to help. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve been able to assist many people like yourself through the entire process, from start to finish. Simply fill out your contact information below and one of our friendly and experienced staff members will contact you as soon as possible.



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